Safety of Man, Material and Infrastructure is of crucial importance at Gubba. Over a period of time working with MNCs and safety professionals, we have implemented safety practices to achieve safe working conditions compliant for hassle free preservation. This started by enrolling the team, vendors and clients about Gubba’s vision for safety.

Training the team on safety aspects is an ongoing ritual at Gubba to ensure that team lives breathing safety. By going through below pictures you can get a view of Gubba’s safety measures apart from rigid safety audits, documentation and reports.

External Training Program

  • Conducted by an external trainer

Safety Guards

  • Feet Guards for Aisle Pillars

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Smoke Detectors fixed inside and Fire Control Panels fixed outside the chambers

Water sprinkler system

  • Water sprinkler system installed over the ammonia receiver in plant room to ensure ammonia leaks do not effect the surroundings.

Mock drills

  • Mock drill being conducted in plants for preparedness for emergencies.

ERT Team

  • ERT for preparedness for emergencies

Rodent Control

Operations Team PPE

PPE for MHE operators

Training MSDS