Seed Preservation is the fundamental work of Gubba Seed Cold Storage. And we are passionate about it. We are committed to excel and improve the seed life. This can be possible only through research and knowledge seeking. We started Gubba Seed Lab to learn, research about seed preservation and thus improve seed life in storage.

The State-of-the-art seed testing laboratory at Medchal also caters the needs of seed testing, of the seed industry. The lab is equipped with modern and scientific equipment necessary to perform tests on all kinds of agricultural and vegetable seed. It is operated by experienced and technically trained analysts.

Below are the purposes of Gubba Seed Lab

  • To provide world class seed testing services according to ISTA standard methods.
  • We use the lab as a research platform to enquire and improve on the life of the seed inside and outside the seed cold storage.

Our Pledge to you

  • Samples will be tested quickly and accurately.
  • Customized testing and reporting requirements can be served.
  • Timely alerts during the process of testing.
  • Use of standardized and validated seed testing methods in accordance to the ISTA rules.

Quality Policy

At Gubba Seed Lab, we are committed to

  • Precision and excellence in seed testing services.
  • Continuous improvement of our laboratory’s operation.

Lab Mission

Assuring the quality of the seed lots for seed trade.

Services offered

Seed testing Laboratory conducts the following tests as per the ISTA Rules for Seed testing.

Routine testing:

Temperature mapping is a procedure which ensures uniform temperature maintained at every nook and corner of the room.

Physical Purity:

Determines the % Pure seed ; % inert matter and other crop seed and weed seeds.

Standard Germination test:

Determines the percentage of normal seedlings that develop under ideal conditions.

Determination of moisture content:

It’s an important aspect of the ultimate quality of a seed lot.High seed moisture may result in seed deterioration.

Quick viability test by Tetrazolium chloride:

It determines the number of live seeds based on hydrogenase activity in the seeds. It indicates the percentage of live and dead seeds regardless of its dormancy level.

Sand emergence test:

Prediction of field performance under lab condition.

Vigor testing:

Accelerated ageing test:

A high humidity, high temperature stress test that is a good indicator of seed vigor and further determines the storability of seed lots.
Cold test for corn:

An excess moisture and low temperature stress determines the performance of the seed lots under cold environments.

Obtaining a sample:

In a Laboratory only a small portion of the seed lot can be examined. It is therefore important that this small portion is representative of the seed lot. Drawing of a representative sample is fundamental in order to obtain uniform, accurate and reproducible results. Trained from Gubba Samplers can draw representative samples following ISTA Rules from your pick up point.


Dr. Atreyee Ghosh is Doctorate in seed technology having an experience in seed testing and seed Research. She has a thorough knowledge and expertise in seed technological aspects. Has developed QMS documentation for seed companies during her career, usable for ISTA accreditation.

Dr.Atreyee Ghosh

Seed Lab Head

Mob.:+91 – 9177 303 626


Shaik Sultan is a Seed Biotechnologist has Eight years of experience in seed industry and well trained in seed testing activities and biotechnological aspects. Has an well knowledge of Germplasm conservation and preservation.

Shaik Sultan Salaouddin

Lab Incharge

Mob.:+91 – 9959 038 626