About Gubba

Gubba Cold Storage is managed by its 5th generation entrepreneurs. The brand that began in 1857, trading agri commodities today is a trusted name in cold storage preservation.

Gubba Cold Storage was started as A.P’s 1st cold storage in 1987 by Mr. Gubba Nagender Rao seeing the exigency to store agri commodities for retaining their market value and efficient future use .Currently grown to a   1.25 crore cubic feet capacity and operates 17 cold storages in Hyderabad and Aurangabad, Gubba has been serving seed, dairy, processed food and Pharma industries with 30 years of expertise in the technology of cold storage preservation.

Climate controlled preservation facilities with a range of temperatures from +20 to -22 degrees centigrade and Relative humidity in the atmosphere maintained from 40% to 90% according to the requirement of the products preserved. Gubba has innovated and engineered the 1st of its kind rack supported global standard cold storage in India for seeds.

Gubba Germplasm Bank is one of the finest innovations of the Indian seed Industry in the private sector. With 6 years of research and technical collaboration with ICRISAT, Gubba has set up Gubba Germplasm bank to preserve the germplasm of Seed for upto 40 years in stringent hygienic conditions with approved security.

Gubba Seed lab caters to the seed testing requirements of the seed industry. To provide world class seed testing services according to ISTA standard methods.This is a research platform to enquire and improve on the life of the seed inside and outside the seed cold storage.

Gubba contributes to the industry through its newsletters by sharing authentic information to the industry men. It publishes news for seed , processed food, and pharma industries with a total readership of over 10,000 views.

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