Pharma Cold Storage: Indian Scenario

Pharma Cold Storage: Indian Scenario

August 16, 2019 Gubba Pharma In E News

The pharmaceutical supply chain situation in India is extremely complex due to the complex supply chain environment along with the presence of more than 55,000 retail pharmacies which are spread across India. According to the data, it is said that in India, a large number of medicines and other such facilities are required to be transported to the distant areas which have poorly connected routes resulting in higher costs as compared to other major countries like Europe or USA.

Previously the pharmaceutical industry was not a big consumer of cold chain logistics. This was mainly due to the reason that the majority of the drugs did not have to be stored or transported in a temperature-controlled environment. But, recently that there has been an outburst of cold chain activities due to the growing acceptance of a new class of drugs called biologics. Biological drugs are said to be more delicate and sensitive to temperature than their pharmaceutical counterparts. The risk of damaging is majorly increased during transportation sue to the Longer transit times, extreme climate change between origination and destination, and shipping delays. It is the cold storage pharmaceutical companies that strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain by helping clients manage these risks as products compromise due to temperature fluctuation can cause millions of dollars in revenue loss.

It is important to consider the fact that manufactured drugs have advanced and contain more high-value ingredients. This has resulted in having a shorter shelf life and require a particular strict temperature for storage. Hence, the need for temperature control and monitoring through the entire supply chain has increased. Even drugs that are safe at room temperature require protocols to avoid the risks related to transportation at ambient temperatures. To store such temperature-sensitive drugs, the cold storages receive more requests for Controlled Room Temperatures (CRT) which majorly includes the use of insulated containers, refrigerants, thermal blanketing and temperature-monitoring electronics.

Cold storage market in India is expected to be worth US$ 8.57 billion by 2020 and the cold storage pharmaceutical is a highly critical business. Various special facilities are installed that supports the storing of pharmaceutical products and medications. We have ensured that there are apt pharmaceutical storage containers and Equipment of the required quality health safety and environmental standards. Pharmaceutical cold chain management is a vital part of the supply chain in the healthcare industry. The cold chain logistics helps to serve the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries maintain a continual stock of drugs from suppliers and distributors.

Apart from the Pharma cold storage, when we look at the entire cold storage market in India, it is noticed that the market is highly fragmented with more than 3500 players in the unorganized sector and around 30 players in the organized sector according to the data. Not only this, India currently has 6156 cold storage facilities across various states with a total capacity of 28.68 MMT which is insufficient. Due to lack of cold storage facilities, India has wastage of more than 450MMT every year which eventually leads to a huge amount of loss and leads to a shortage in the overall generation capability as well. But We at Gubba understand the vitality of pharma and biological drug preservation and hence ensure product integrity conditions for your drugs. Gubba Pharma Cold Storage is a research-based company with a robust refrigeration system and technology and supports you in nullifying your losses due to product compromise from temperature fluctuations.

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